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About John Hope

Ten-year-old John, at the start of his writing career
John vacationing with his family in St. John, New Brunswick
Finishing TrackShack's UCF 5-Miler race in Orlando, Florida

Forever seeking new adventures, John Hope lives a life of energizing enterprises. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida , John earned his BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and since 1999 has developed and designed software for simulators, websites, traveler information systems, and numerous other technical widgets. All the while, he has quenched his creative hunger with writing a few novels, hundreds of poems and short stories, several short plays many of which he's acted and/or directed, puppeteered in countless skits, and built a number of toy train layouts. To keep a steady rhythm in his life, John has run over 30,000 miles in various road and trail races and training runs through the years, including captaining the UCF Men's Cross Country team, achieving TAAC all conference, managing 5k races, and at times traversing entire states in relay teams and triathlons.

Currently at home in Central Florida, John loves spending time with this family and friends. Whether he's traveling thousands of miles in a car or playing board games on the living room floor, he loves the company and conversations and laughs with the ones he loves. He often pulls from these times with his family and loved ones to create wonderfully tender moments and hilariously vivid characters in his writing.

John first got the writing itch as a child. With the help of his elementary school's reading specialist, he saw his first choose-your-own-adventure book printed, laminated, and bound at the school library and made available to his peers. He continued his love of writing through the telling of bible stories via puppet shows at church and writing for his high school's newspaper, including drawing humorous comic strips. Through these experiences, he saw the importance of connecting with an audience, telling thought-provoking stories with memorable characters, and the value of humor in his writing.

Shortly after marrying the love of his life, John was blessed with the birth of his daughter and son. Reading night after night to his kids, he revived his writing by making up stories for his kids. This lead to a number of published books that came directly from these stories: The Band Aid, Frozen Floppies, and Pankyland. He still works as a software engineer, a career he enjoys at times, but his heart remains in his writing.

John writes every day. Throughout the year, he gives writing and storytelling-centered presentations to variety of audiences, primarily elementary and middle schools. He stays connected to his audience with a monthly newsletter and publishing a short story every month, as well as a new book every few months.